All Seminars will be held twice on February 6: 1:00-2:00 PM EST and then again at 2:30-3:30 PM EST.

Healing Racial Trauma

Explore together what it means to speak honestly about our experiences and name our trauma for what it is. You are not overreacting or overly sensitive. You have been sinned against, and as a community, we can take steps toward healing, wholeness, and resilience. Come take a step on the journey of healing, whether it's your first step or just the next right move.

The Shop: Real Talk for Black Men

Our society has placed so many labels on Black men, and we often unknowingly begin carrying them. What does it mean to be a free Black man whose identity is rooted in Jesus?  How do you honor God and others with all of the other expectations you carry?  Come to this seminar for a conversation with Black men at different stages of the journey.  

Black Apologetics: A Grounded Faith

Many of us encounter challenges to our faith on a daily basis from other Black folks. Some challenges are old questions put in a new light, while others are new issues that we need to face as a people. This seminar will help you understand more about the challenges to our faith as Black Christians and how to engage these questions without fear.

Prayer: Power for the Fight

We have often been a people that work hard to overcome barriers and accomplish the work in front of us. Could some of the fatigue we face in this fight be because of how much we rely on our own strength instead of partnership with the Spirit? In this seminar, you will learn how to walk more in step with the Holy Spirit, press more deeply into prayer, and gain insight on practices to help you hear from the Lord.

Black Faith, Living Liberated from and Resistant to White American Folk Religion

We will discuss living into a reconciled ethnic identity while suffering racial assignment, have space for radical interrogation of our own formation and fidelity. We will explore questions of where we are experiencing freedom and victory in our ethnic identity and unique expression of biblical faith; While also identifying where we are captive and willingly complicit with the Gospel of Whiteness -worshipping the Jesus of White American Folk Religion. Lastly, we will press into radical healing: we must be willing to do whatever it takes to get free and free others. 

Rest For the Weary: Spiritual Resilience and Rest

Living is hard, and the gospel work of bringing justice and light is long. Without disciplines of rest and resilience, we can burn out or even become bitter toward this good work. Come learn and engage in a time of cultivating tools, rhythms of regular rest, and increased resilience in your own personal and communal life.

"Just" Christian

"Justice now!" This is the cry of many Black people around the world. No longer is the status quo acceptable. Black faith has long had a role in being the prophetic voice of this nation while working to see justice be manifested for all people. This is not the time for us to relax, be content with our accomplishments, or get comfortable. This seminar will give you vision for how faith and justice can go together and how as a student you can begin living as a just Christian now.

The Black Mind

"You don't need therapy, you just need Jesus." "You need to pray that away." "What happens in this house stays in this house." How many times have we heard that from our families and our churches? The fact is that our communities have real misconceptions about mental health. How do we start the conversation of getting healthy? Being Black in America has left many of us dealing with racial battle fatigue - what does God have to say? Come and get empowered with what you need to move further along in the journey.

More Than Strong: Black Women's Panel

Black women often have to carry the burden of being strong and have lacked the space to deeply process who we are, how we are doing, and what we are called to. We need spaces to be affirmed in our identity, our calling in the Lord, and grow in learning how to navigate the world around us. Come learn from sisters of different backgrounds who are walking this journey of Black womanhood and faith.


Relationships in 2021 are more complicated than they have ever been, and people are choosing to walk their own path. What does God have to say about this? What does it look like to pursue healthy God-honoring relationships? How do you work to pursue wholeness as a single person? Come hear from a dynamic couple, moderators of the Healing Circle podcast, and be empowered for living a thriving single life and receive tools for engaging in healthy relationships. 

Securing the Bag

What do we do with the Black American dream? What should our financial priorities be? Let's work on the broken relationship many people in our community have with money, stewardship, and money management. Come learn how to steward your money well - in a way that honors God and God's purposes in the world.

Finding Your Path

Many times in our recent history, Black people didn't have the space to think about vocation and calling. We just needed a job to survive in America. While this still may be the case for some, there is more freedom to think about not just getting a job but having a vocation and a calling in your work. Along with that, what does it mean to live justly in your vocation and engage your local community? Come to this seminar to learn more about faithfully living out your vocational calling faithfully to the Lord and the world around you. 

Reading While Black

Scripture has played an important role in the lives of people in this country, but throughout the years, it typically has been interpreted through the lens of white men. Come to this seminar to learn more about the tradition of African American Biblical interpretation and how Bible reading has often functioned as a source of hope in the Black community, particularly in the face of injustice and white supremacy.

Is Christianity a White Man's Religion? (only offered during 2nd seminar time)

Many in our community invalidate Christian faith because they believe its origin among our people started on slave ships. They say Christianity was simply a tool for our oppression and subjugation. This is NOT true! There is a strong history of African influence in the bible and among the early church fathers who helped shape the Christian faith. Come and learn about Christianity's early roots and the role Africa played in shaping it.

Our Black is Bonded & Beautiful

Not all Black people are African American. The diaspora is large and diverse, and while we may recognize that we all came from the motherland, there are differences in our journeys. If we are all the way honest, sometimes our communities don't understand or interact well with one another. Join in on this seminar to discuss the diversity of the Black diaspora and how to bridge our divides.

Family Matters

Let's be real. Family can be complicated. What are the beautiful and broken parts of our families? What have we inherited through our family tree? Is it even possible to heal from the broken parts of our lineage? How might God be inviting us into transformation and freedom? Come explore what family is, how it shapes us, and what God's family is like.