If You Are Flying

  • Flights must be booked by Friday, February 10. You are able to register without booking your flight.
  • Partipants are expected to arrive at ATL (Atlanta International Airport) before 2pm on February 28 and may depart ATL after 4:00pm on March 3th.
  • If you cannot find a flight that arrives and departs within those time frames, contact Michelle Verrill before you book your flight.
  • We will be renting cars from the airport to SharpTop Cove in Jasper, GA. You will receive further instructions in an arrivals email.

Suggestions for Booking Flights

Travel is the largest and most variable expense to the conference; here are some ideas to help find savings for your flights:

  • Airlines often drop their prices on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Try searching for flights on those days.
  • Check out GoogleFlights or other multi-airline search engines. And don’t forget about Southwest.
  • If you find flights under $300 – that’s a good deal! If you’re finding flights over $500-600, please check with Michelle Verrill before booking.

If You Are Driving

  • You will be reimbursed the standard mileage rate up to the cost of airfare from your location, up to a maximum of $300. You may submit expense reports after the conference.
  • Those driving are asked to arrive by 5:00pm on February 28 so they can arrive in time for dinner.
  • There will be ample parking available at Sharptop Cove.
  • Please consider carpooling to the conference with others in your area.
  • The conference hotel is the SharpTop Cove (76 Camp Hope, Jasper GA 30143)

If You Are Traveling By Another Method

Please indicate your traveling method on your registration form and provide all necessary information, including arrival and departure dates, times and locations. 

Who Pays for My Flight?

See our Cost page for more information about expenses and reimbursement. 

Any Questions

Contact our Conference Administrator,  Michelle Verrill.