What is the cost of the conference?

The cost of the conference for InterVarsity staff is $795. This amount includes housing, meals and transportation.

What is the cost for non-staff?

Staff spouses and young children are free, if they cover the cost of travel-- please check with  Michelle Verrill. Non-staff will be responsible for their own travel costs. These costs may be paid by an individual staff member, by an Area or a Region, or a combination of the three. The cost of attending for official volunteers or spouses with a volunteer job description on file with Human Resources may come out of your staff expense account.

What is included in the cost?

The cost covers lodging, meals, and transportation for staff; lodging and meals for non-staff.

How will I be charged for the conference?

Accounts will be charged after the BCM Staff Conference. If you are not on staff with InterVarsity USA, you will need to bring a check to pay for your registration.

If I only attend the conference part-time, will it cost less?

Part-time participation is highly discouraged and must be pre-approved by the conference director. Sorry, but there will be no discount for part-time staff or staff who choose to commute.

When do I turn in my expense report?

Please submit your expense reports as soon as possible. Final expense reports should be emailed to  Michelle Verrill by Thursday, March 31 in order to be reimbursed. If you use a PCard, expenses can be charged to the BCM Staff Conference account. Please cc Vicki when you submit your PCard report.

What expenses are reimbursable?

If you are on staff with InterVarsity, your travel costs are reimbursable. This includes flights, meals while traveling and other travel costs such as mileage and public transportation. If you are not on staff, you will need to cover these costs yourself.

To minimize our overall conference travelling costs, please do your best to pursue the most economical meals and modes of transportation. If you have a legitimate reason for costs that are extra expensive or if you have other expenses, please discuss it with Michelle Verrill.